Sunday, 18 December 2011


Take me back

Take me back to the days when:

There were no worries, no plans fro tomorrows..
No tensions, no hopes, no sorrows...

When puppies.. kittens,.. and cattle's were cute and not dirty..
When boys were sweet.. helping.. fighting, but not flirty..

When numbers were just for play and study..
and not for earning and store for life's tragedy..

When dabbing mum's make up and sarees were so fun..
Playing beneath the trees.. underneath the sun..

Devouring meals with hands, meals so delicious..
Rather being an all-time conscious..

Munching the delights serving the frock..
Gave much more happiness and pleasure than eating with knives and forks..

Really missin those good old days..
and those childish innocent ways...!!